Sunday, February 24, 2013

Razzie Awards For Twilight Saga Taylor Lautner You Stink

Razzie Awards For Twilight Saga Taylor Lautner You Stink

  For those Twilight Saga followers you will be happy to know that the Movie "BreakingDawn #2" has made it to the Razzies. The movie has reached 7 gongs for worst movie ever and including worst actress .( in another movie) video here.

I'm sorry Twilight fans this was just brought to my attention and had to share. I thought that the first set of movies were just phenomenal. I hope this doesn't ruin the fan club following. Bella keeps telling Jacob he stinks while Edward looks on an snickers a bit.

 Wow what a video. Maybe the next set of movies will be better than this last one. I should hope so. I really enjoyed the plot and suspense! In the old days vampires didn't have glittery skin and could run super fast.

Usually, they were in dark areas of the basement and ugly and to only come out at night. Now it is w whole different ball game. However, Jacob has some great abs!

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