Friday, November 6, 2015

Persistence, Determination and Power to Control Our Own Thoughts

Persistence, Determination and Power to Control Our Own Thoughts

 Recently, there has been much talk about Napoleon Hill and his life long work with human nature and how we are to become successful?

 What is the big buzz about this book? Why have so many people started to get interested in it? Tell me  why?  Is it because he has interviewed the most successful people in his time an these people may have never completed school  or even furthered their
education? What makes these people stand out?

I have actually started reading this for myself with a version on my phone and on laptop. It is a great read and a study guide for success. However, what does it tell us? Being persistent is a huge part of why  Henry For has his horseless carriage "on the road" today. He wanted something unattainable but possible. 

Determination set forth for Thomas Edison developed a lamp that ran on electricity. No lighting of a match and solely dependent  on the electricity. Did he fail? Yes of course, roughly ten thousand times. The fact of the matter is he did make that idea into a reality,  Each failure can bring with it a seed of an equivalent success.

Napoleon Hill has stated "You have the power to control your own thoughts." Think and Grow Rich (paraphrased) Poverty and success are in the same mind. Today you have to choose to listen to your own mind and that small still voice the one that can open your mind to dreams and thoughts of how to get where you want in life. Read good books such as this one to open your creative attributes, 

Today you are that dreamer with tolerance and an open mind. Put your dream across and don't listen to anyone that is keeping you from achieving the best you ever, Even if you meet defeat get back up and persist harder with more determination than ever before and you have the power to control your own thoughts.

Find a way and make your dreams come true. YOU are worth it!! 
Oh Yeah Get the book too!
PS obviously Desire is a huge factor as well. 
There is so much more that could be written here, 
but I'll save it for another day..