Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living The Dream or Living The Nightmare

Living The Dream or Living The Nightmare

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share a moment in time with you about a hang out that I just was on this evening.
For those who don't now me, I'm Tina Worth  and I have an online business that I truly love.

There are so many things that I could tell you about what I learned but I can't reveal everything because it is business related and you would have to be an affiliate to gain access to the information.
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I will however share some very kewl general information that is good for any business. The title "Living the Dream or Living The Nightmare". Most of us join any thing an everything just to make the better dollar.

 To live a lifestyle that would let you be free to be home with your kids when they get off the bus. Take a dang vacation with money you have made from your business.

The fact is, some people are slaves to the 9-5 and think that they are secure in there job and not necessarily love their job and others are doing their online business making little commissions and not really being free.

 They have become a slave to their business..... Online for 12 hours a day living their dream... or are they? This is why many start a business and then have a relaunch a few months later.  Why do that???? Find something that actually works and pays...

100% Commissons You Keep!!

I will share a video by John Lavenia about "Three Magic Words " Found in his book Integrity is Everything.   This my friends is about personal growth. How to set your mind free from mediocrity.

He is one of my hero's and a fantastic leader for the online marketing business world. I would recommend anyone to buy his book if you are serious about getting out of the world of mediocrity and start living the way you want to live.

Aaahh.. "What were those Three Magic Words?"  Watch the video above and then
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See here.. What changes your output is your input.

Personal development is a key here. In order to Live the Dream you must drop the nightmare. In other words.. Stop Selling the Dream and live the nightmare. Sell The Dream to Live The Dream.

But How?

But How? How would I be great at this? I have tried everything and got low commissions. How could I be a wealthy person?

By gaining Conviction, Influence and the willingness to be taught to succeed.....WE are teaching people how to be leaders. Go be who you  want to be. We will be here to help.

Don't blow a good opportunity.

If you are not ready to play big... When will  you be?

People transform every day. Beginning to live their journey to financial freedom and freedom all together. I came here to be a better marketer and learn how to jump out of the current mindset that I am in to teach other people how to be leaders.

"I don't have much money."
GREAT! This business only costs $25 to start. Take that, money excuse!
"I don't have much time."
GREAT! If you've got 30 minutes a day, this will work for you.
"I don't have a list."
GREAT! This is all about building one and making money in the process!
"I don't know how to create a product"
GREAT! The product is provided for you!
"I don't like tiny commissions"
GREAT! You earn 100% of the commissions in this business. Every dime!
Bottom line: you have no reason to stay on the sidelines.....and
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