Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year! Whats on your Resolution List?

Happy New Year,

I know it is a bit late but it is still January 2014. Woot I am glad to say hi to all of those that are reading this post. It has been a while since I have written and I apologize for that. Google is so vast and so awesome  that I just couldn't find where my blog was.

 It was very disheartening that I wrote all those blogs and not one I could find. I looked up the numerous log in sites for Google and had a rough way to go. Then I came upon the "Blogger". Oh My  that was it. I almost cried.. I found my blog. Yes, now I can write.

In the title of my blog I want to know what everyone's resolutions are. What you are going to accomplish this year. Short term and long term. Are you getting a new job, starting college, getting married, starting a business? These were to name a few. I am going to write. I like to write and for some reason since I could not access my blog-spot (my fault for not doing a good search) I couldn't write.

So I will start my new year off with writing and starting a new online business. My long-term goal is  to be a millionaire by the time I am 45. It takes commitment, plans and goals to really know where you are going  and what you want to accomplish. Honestly, I am not a very consistent person and this will be improved over the next few weeks.

Yesterday, there was a turning point in my life  scared to death to listen to Jim Rohn's video because there is a wealth of information -value contained in every video. He talks about self improvement... How it can affect your life. His words of wisdom on "Personal Development" is  "Learn to  work harder on yourself ( personal development) than you do on your job."  " We must "Listen, Read, and Observe" to become Great...
"Pay Attention."  These are words from Jim Rohn.

You Must Dream...
Here is a video by Jim Rohn.
Click Here
About 12 minutes.
This is why my New Years Resolutions will stick.

All the Best