Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Change Personal Development

Change It has Been Good

Hi Everyone!
Just a note today to say hi and tell you about some of this change I'm going through. Some of my earlier posts state emotional and personal development change. I sure think that there has been some significant change since I started this online business.

What did I learn?

I learned that when you are in school, whether it is high school or college you could not learn enough about certain things like starting a business. It is not taught nor is finance taught. Personal growth, learning for yourself and teaching yourself about you. Who you are and what is your purpose in life. These things aren't taught in school. Ok Sociology, maybe... The sociology class I attended talked more about clown phobia than any personal development.

No wonder so many children are having a difficult time with social development. They need a counselor to help them map things out, find their reason to be friends with someone. Or how to act socially in a group of people.

I think some of this comes with the games and phone apps that connect you with social media but disconnect you with actual socializing. Funny how this can be ironic and true at the same time. This also happens to adults. People wonder why co-workers do not get along with each other... Fighting and not realizing that they have no social skills to get them through a conversation in person.

 I think that the conversation is more handled over the phone, email or text saying," I have told them off with the text message." "I hope I never hear from them again!"

It is like talking to an invisible person when texting or emailing someone with bad news. Click or send. That is what has happened to our personal development. We have lost the ability to take time to read, spend time with people: face to face and just hang out.

I use my I phone for everything, but when I have something important I usually take the time out and call the person especially if it is of importance.

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Change is good. Especially, change for yourself.

I'm not the same person I was a few months ago and I love me!

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