Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Barbara Walters Returns to Reporting in March

Back on our screens: Barbara Walters will return to The View on Monday after five weeks off"The View" Barbara Walters Returns in March  

Barbara Walters is returning to 'The View" a daily talk show after she suffered a concussion from a fall. She has been gone for more than 4 weeks and is returning better than ever. While she was at the hospital doctors discovered that she had a low grade fever and was diagnosed with late onset of chicken pox.
“Hello, my darlings. I’m so glad to be talking to you. . . . I really miss you,” she told The Ladies of “The View” via telephone Tuesday.

She looks absolutely great for 83!

I think that it is great that she comes back and wants to do something that she loves. Not too bad for someone that is 83 years old and still wants to do something during the day.

 She had made reporting her life's' work. She will be returning to "The View" March 4th.

Recent blog post about Barbara Walters Fall: /tmworth/blog/barbara-walters-recovering-after-fall/  

Infact I am now glad she fell so the doctors could diagnose the chicken pox. If anyone ever had chicken pox and didn't scrach the heck out of yourself or use a ton of calamine lotion- I give you gratitude.. I had to use tons of the stuff. Pink from head to toe.  

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