Saturday, February 9, 2013

Decision Week

Decision Week

Hi Everyone,
I would like to share with you y past week. I haven't been able to share much on the post because of the circumstances that had happened. I will share with you the feelings and decisions that I made making personal growth possible.


I made a decision to get to the Costa Rica Intensive program of my business and decided to go and get to the next step: Got the Costa Rica Intensive. The 15K program. This was a decision and decision only no actions were taken.


This was a crazy day. Most of the day was running my dogs and going to work. This would be the last of what I thought would be a normal day.


Sunday was a game changer: I took a time a few minutes and spoke to God. "I need to sell my car so I can get started in EN:" Not even 2 minutes later I got a call from someone that wanted to by the car. What a game changer! He came and got the car. I sold It!!

I nearly cried and was so excited for me, but there was more change. This was my car, my everyday car, my friend. We shared several miles together and it still ran. It is like loosing your best friend. I weighed the outcome and thought that it would be ok, because later.. I would have a better vehicle. This day was huge.

I went through another emotional change.

I went to work that evening and spoke to my friends. They are not on the same level as I am and it just seemed weird to see the mediocrity. Whiners and complainers that would not attempt to remedy the situation.

I got 15K Formula...

I just went through another shift.....

When you start to listen to the training and the leaders speak it makes you realize that the other stuff doesn't matter. Get In Join.


Tony Rush had a huge Monday night call. the call was emotional and full of detail. He has excelled in this business also. He is a great leader and I intend to model my business after him! What a great example! WE also wouldn't know where EN would be without David Sharpe and David Wood. Their vision is what keeps us going and alive!


Got taxes in and bought another car. Nothing would replace the previous car. Nothing.. However, this was a better style and a newer year. I got it.

Ran all day getting the car road ready. Meanwhile, I have been listening to the recordings from CRI and Inner Circle. Wow I was pumped.... Until I got to work. Back to the grind....

Another shift..


I had been having trouble with my foot for a few months where it would be rather painful to walk. I was discharged from my job today. What a huge blow... or was it? Thinking.. would this be an advantage? Go with EN full time?

I had never in my life been discharged from a job.

( This has been an emotional week.)


We are leaving for a wedding. Our boy is marrying the love of his life. He has a beautiful baby girl and fantastic life.

At the rehearsal, I saw the families that were involved. There is a different mindset when you look at wealth with different eyes. I saw the GQ fellas and their wives. Parents that have sacrificed everything to make this a fantastic wedding.

The difference is when you look from the outside and see the wealth without the personal growth that should follow it. After this week, I saw what the leaders mean. It appeared that they had no clue what they were doing. Yes the hustle and bustle of the wedding but really see how they act.

 Money is an object a controlling thing in their life and with out the growth they are like any other person. Live the lifestyle but no concept of how to use what they have or been passed down
There is a difference between inheriting money and learning how to make money and gain personal growth that if in fact you had lost everything you can rebuild because you know how...This is so true.
When you inherit money you don't have the knowledge to rebuild.

Here in EN you have the knowledge and gain financial stability.

Teach a man to fish and he will never grow hungry. He can go out and fish again tomorrow.


Get In! Get your growth on....Learn how to make your life successful. Blog and tell us about it.
Would you invest in your personal growth? I did!

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