Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Another Tuesday

Just Another Tuesday

Its just another Tuesday here in Farmington and it has been a beautiful day.Lots of sunshine and warm weather. It is about time that we were graced by mother nature with sunshine instead of snow. Haha Returning to the wonderful spring weather we should be having.

Until a few weeks ago mother nature and the groundhog couldn't decide whether the sun was going to shine or if it was going to blizzard.One day was a Tuesday and it snowed and snowed rendering the town nearly closed -just thinking the day before was a warm 72f  and sunny. What a let down with the snow. Haha I tell ya it was not so much fun digging the car out to come to work or even trying to go across town.It was just that bad.

So much for the weather.

As for today the weather has been beautiful with no exception. If I were to be anywhere at the start of a day this is where I would want to be. No snow- no cold weather. lol   By the beach with a loved one bringing in a new day. Maybe even a Tuesday. What would you do if you had time to bring in a new day? Leave me your comments I would love to know. As for now we only have today and not promised tomorrow. So live each day to its fullest and dream the biggest dreams. Then go out and make them happen!!

Thank you for reading.  I'll post more at a later date.
I did.