Monday, February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Suprise Interview Guest At Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence Suprise Interview Guest

During an interview with Jennifer Lawrence voted Best Actress was inturrupted by an unexpected guest: Jack  Nicholson also an Oscar winner.She was so suprised at the inturruption by the guest that I believe it startled her and candidly kept her composure over the suprise. Jack Nicholson just wanted to say "You did sucha beatiful job."

 She was interviewed by "Good Morning America's" George Stephanopolus, where he asks her what  could have been her most memorable moment at the Oscars? She pointed over towards Jack Nicholson and reported "THAT".

I think that she was so excited but shocked that  he would have noticed her and gave her a fantastic compliment. However, she states  that he is rude and should  probably move on.

Jennifer Lawrence has been seen in the Hunger Games and Silver Linings movie.

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