Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video PALV LandAir personal Vehicle

Video PALV Land Air Personal Vehicle   Flying Car? Who would have though?

Great Video.

  PALV Land

Personal Air and Land Vehicle- manufactured in Holland for personal use. I saw a documentary on this particular vehicle the other day and it captivated me as it could be possible to get in one vehicle and fly from an air port to another airport and then simply drive to your destination.

Gas powered flight certified aircraft engine, 3 wheeled aerodynamic dimension and chain driven land car can take up to speeds similar to a sports car with the agility of a motorcycle for curves and turning. I'm sure the seating is comfortable considering that you will be spending most of the time sitting and or flying.

The single rotor and propeller are folded away until flight. It would take about a half hour to get used to the controls and be ready for the road. A valid drivers license would be all that is required for the land vehicle.

Ready for the air. Single propeller and rotor are all that is needed to take off. These are stored away and extracted when ready for flight. The PALV flies like a gyro-copter and gives you the freedom to take off and land where ever you would like. Kinda like being an eagle, taking off and crossing a body of water and land on the other side ready to drive to your destination.

PALV Training
What I thought was interesting was to obtain a license it would be easier because it only requires a sport pilot license. PALV ONE,would take 20-40 hours of student pilot training training to fly successfully.

Lastly, The PALV can be flown without a flight plan. I found this interesting at fact that all airplanes and helicopters need a flight plan. Not this one. It flies below the 4000 ft VFR Visual Flight Rules and not in commercial airspace.

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