Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video Hugo Chavez A Legacy

Hugo Chavez A Legacy

  This is kind of a political blog today about Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan President. President. Chavez passed away March 5, 2013 yesterday fighting a battle with cancer.

I really do not know much about his history but that he was president for at least 14 years and was honored by his country. He has been see with other foreign presidents and seemingly making agreements with them.

I find that he has been in general a great president. He had been helping children become educated providing free schooling.
Mr Chavez's government has implemented a number of "missions" or social programmes, including education and health services for all. But poverty and unemployment are still widespread, despite the country's oil wealth. Mr Chavez is renowned for his flamboyant public speaking style, which he has put to use in his weekly live TV programme, Alo Presidente (Hello President), in which he talks about his political ideas, interviews guests and sings and dances.

Hugo Chavez: From paratrooper to president.

Chavez served as an army paratrooper and in 1992 became presedent out of a failed coup. Since then he has won many elections the most recent in October of 2012 being re-elected for president serving a 6 year term.

Hugo Chavez: He spoke for the poor.

His supporters say he speaks for the poor; his critics say he has become increasingly autocratic.
I feel that this country has losed a great leader and for one in a wealthy oil rich country he has been helping take care of his people. He will be greatly missed by many. Hugo Chavez: 1954-2013 Original post here:
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