Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video Lamborghini Veneno $4 million Alien Super Car

  Lamborghini Veneno Alien $4 million Super car

  Lamborghini Veneno

I can not believe that this Lamborghini Veneno looks so alien! Now I have seen cars that have come off of animation that looks like this even the matchbox cars of the past are so awesome. This super car is actually running!

You won't see to many of these cars with the narrow point hood and spectacular design as this one. I wonder if the doors will open as wing up or how will you get in to it?  

220 mph!!

With a 6.5 ltr v 12 engine it is built for speed! It also has a 7 speed automated manual transmission. Wow talk about going fast!!.

This car was Internet leaked Pre-Geneva..

There are 3 people that have put deposits on this super car. I think that there are only going to be 3 built at this time. Since it was pre-Geneva, who leaked it on the Internet? Anyway its out of the bag! Lamborghini Veneno.

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How would you feel to own a car like this?

Some people have no time and all kinds of money others have no money but all kinds of time.

 I over heard a conversation yesterday between two co-workers.

When are you leaving for vacation? Surprisingly, next week, Where are you going? No where. Just staying home. I have no money to go anywhere. Ohh says the other co-worker. The conversation ends.

How many of you have that feeling?

 You can't go anywhere on vacation.

How about you write your own paycheck?

Give yourself the time to enjoy life? No more 9-5?