Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Army Boot Camp Exciting Times For PVT S. Rowe

Army Boot Camp Exciting Times For PVT S. Rowe

For those who know Shane he is now at Fort Benning, GA in the Army Boot Camp. I am so proud that he is there and what he can do for our country. In this exiting place he would be standing attention and getting orders from his commanding officer. They are learning drills and how to properly be a soldier.

Here is a previous post about Shane joining the Army- Includes Video by Toby Keith. /tmworth/blog/video-american-soldier/  

Army Boot Camp Delta Company 1-81 Armor Battalion, 194th Armored Brigade

Here at Ft. Benning Army Boot Camp Shane will be introduced to basic training including combat training and will be able to operate the M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank, this is the most technically advanced tank in the world. His job title will be 19K Tank Crewman.

  I'm really not sure what type of armament it carries, but he should be well versed in how to use the tank when he is finished with AIT.

 For those who know about Shane, he will love the thrill of driving one of these or shooting the tank cannon on the front. Before he left he said to me " I will love to blow off some rounds with my rifle and to shoot the tank cannon".

 Believe me he will have his target practice well in hand. Go Army! Good luck Shane    

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