Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video American Soldier

Video American Soldier- Toby Keith

This video is for you my son. Of all the songs in the world, this was the only one played today. This one makes me cry. Share this with everyone!

I would like to share some recent events with EN network. I was happy to say that some decisions were as good as another but to day hit home very deeply.

Shane at the recruiter office. Go Army My son Shane became a part of the Army enlisted soldier. I thought that this day would never ever come and I could hold on to my boy for a while longer. It seemed to me that I would be ok sending him with total strangers and they would groom him to be a man. Whether you see what I am saying or not.. Sending him out on his own with strange people was a good thing. I am not one to cry or shed any tear for anything and today was the hardest day of my life.

Yes I cried, and cried.

  I have never felt this way in such a long time. I think the last time was when my mom passed away. Shane has been my rock and my stronghold. Never ever being afraid of anything. Objective and secure. Honestly, he will be a good leader. His integrity is flawless.

So today I realized that Shane My American Soldier will become the leader he ought to be.

Shane at the recruiter office. Go Army

Also, I realized he isn't a kid anymore. He will get to travel the world. See so many things. I taught him right!

Freedom to travel to other countries to see my son.

I would want to when he finds out where he is stationed. but for now he has to get to boot camp. Go Army

Some people have no time and all kinds of money others have no money but all kinds of time.

 I over heard a conversation yesterday between two co-workers. When are you leaving for vacation? Surprisingly, next week, Where are you going? No where. Just staying home. I have no money to go anywhere. Ohh says the other co-worker. The conversation ends.

How many of you have that feeling?

You can't go anywhere on vacation.

How about you write your own paycheck? Give yourself the time to enjoy life?

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