Monday, January 28, 2013

Rottweiler Causes a Baby Laughing Attack

I was looking at some videos and found this one rather cute. It was verysweet to see a Rottweiler making a todler laugh. It is kind of adictive. i am a huge fan of pets and pet related communities.

We have several Rottie's at our residence and they are absolutely wonderful. It is nice to see a rather large dog with a tiny baby, given the track history of large breed scary dogs.

These dogs are known to be very protective and usually an one person owner. They devout so much time and love into their family that they would almost die to protect the family. It is nice to see an actual family member enjoying the dog as in the video below. This little kid is having a blast!

Quite entertaining!
Enjoy the Video! I sure did!!

Click Here to Watch!

Got to love the Rottie's. They are the most friendly and loving pets I know.
I want to build a kennel for them and have an adoption
type place for dogs that are not able to find their forever home.
I plan to have an adoption agency for displaced dogs and cats
and have it fully functional with a staff Veterinarian.
Hey! I love to dream and I'm dreaming big!
How would you like to do something - anything for your local community?
Help out some way and have the funds to do it.

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