Monday, January 14, 2013




Hi everyone!
 Hope your day has begun well even though it is Monday again.
Sometimes we all dread the beginning of the week and Monday is the day...

Why so, because the weekend  was fun or full of adventure or a lazy day in front of the boob tube
with a sody and popcorn watching movies. Relaxing!!!  No responsibilities-No worries.

At work I here all week long I wish it were Friday,because I have a lot to do this weekend.My co-workers are all excited for Friday but not so much for Monday. Haha


I find that Monday's are not liked well and people have written songs about why Monday's bring them down, like as in depressed and terribly sad. Does anything good happen on a Monday? I see that some people can be excited to have a holiday off and it just so happens to land there square on a Monday. "Oh yeah got Monday off!" "Extended Weekend!"

So they put off what they need to be doing until the last minute of the day to then cram it into the evening before they have to get rest and return to work the next day. This could be that dreaded Monday or the dreaded Tuesday. Either way Monday's still stink. This is regardless of the holiday or extended weekend.


Monday's mean back to the hustle and bustle of the world around us. The beginning of the week and  can always be a dang rush. It forces us back into the work world and try to digest most of what is coming at us even in normal to abnormal circumstances.

Well, folks I shall conclude this part of the Monday's blog and hope that all of you reading will not have a bad Monday...
I wish you all the best

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