Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Ahh, nothing like having a weekend off. No doubt that it would be good. However, it is raining and kinda nasty out. Unlike yesterday when it was warm out and at least 60 degrees. then again I had to work.
A little about me...

My name is Tina and I work at a busy local hospital here in town. We are very busy in the emergency room and on our main halls. I have 4 boys, a husband and a new grandaughter. She was born here in January.

I have enrolled into a flight school so I can learn about flight and how to fly a helicopter. Eventually fly for the local air ambulance. A pilot has been my ambition for a long time. I was 14 when I first wanted to fly. Unfortunaltely, where I graduated, the school didn't offer JROTC. So my ambition to be a fighter pilot was out. So I thought.

Now I started many business's on line and none were able to prove themselves like the most recent one I started. I have been active in it for at least a month now. It is Empower Network.

I found that the teaching here is very top of the line and they over deliver for  what you pay to get involved. My Link is here
Really, to join is simple.

$25 that is it to join...

However, this is not a ploy to get you involved or a hard sell. Once you are in it wouldn't take long to see what is waiting. It is just that good.

Getting an Master's in online marketing for a fraction of what it costs in school.

I must go for now.
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I'll add a video soon.