Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iraq War Vet Brendan Marrocco Gets Double Arm Transplant

Iraq War Vet Brendan Marrocco Gets Double Arm Transplant

Image: U.S. Army infantryman Brendan Marroco discusses his double arm transplant

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Brendan Marrocco has faced adversity and adversary square in the face. I feel that the impact on this fella has been a great one. He is a hero and fought for our freedom here in the United States, however our freedom came at a price to him.

He has experienced war firsthand and Lost both arms and both legs to the war. This in itself has been rough for him. There sheds a light on this subject he was given 2 donor arms and the were surgically attached to his existing arms.A team of 16 doctors/ surgeons took on a surgery that would forever again chance this veteran for ever. A new set of arms.

The surgery was carried out at the Johns Hopkins Hospital with the 16 surgeons and the procedure took at least 13 hours to complete.  Connecting bone, nerves, muscle tissue and skin to make it a success.

In his words:

"I hated not having arms," Marrocco said during the news conference. "I was all right with not having legs. Not having arms takes so much away from you."

 " It's given me a lot of hope for the future. I feel like I’m getting a second chance to start over after I got hurt,” Marrocco said. “I’m excited for the future.”

He looks to be optimistic!!


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