Monday, October 12, 2015

Perfect Online Profiles: Double Lives:Distorted Realities

A shared article from NY Post.
"Our Double Lives": Dark Realities Behind "Perfect" Online Profiles

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Just want people to remember that we are all out here on social media and some people lead double lives. I thought this story was very interesting. Some people live in Distorted realities. Claiming that their lives are in fact perfect. Someone suffer from depression because they compare their lives to someone else. Even to the point of being and showing their life is so higher class. Be careful to the people that friend you on social media. If you don't know them don't friend them. 

The reason I'm sharing this is because if you online date or are obsessed with facebook posts be careful these people you talk to may be not who they say they are. Unless you know them personally. Just want everyone aware. 
NY Post article and worth a read.
Read through until the end.


Original Story by Maureen Callahan
October 11, 2015
NY Post "Our Double Lives": Dark Realities Behind "Perfect" Online Profiles