Thursday, May 7, 2015

Back To Blogging

Back To Blogging,

Hi Folks

It's been a year or close to it since I wrote a blog. Lots of things have happened since that time and I would like to share it with you in a later post. I love blogging and reading the other posts in the world wide web. However, I would need some suggestions on how all this story writing would make an income. any ideas?

Yes, I have been quite busy during the last year and surprised that there are still people looking at my previous blog posts. I have really no comments on any however, I am pleased to see the activity. I look over the last year and there were so many events happening with my kids, my job, my love life and face book. Ha ha it had been a conglomerate of crazy things.

 My oldest son came back from South Korea and on the way back from the airport we were almost involved in an accident. Luckily, the accident was a bit further up on the highway-to say the least a few hundred feet. However, this resulted in a horrific accident fatally injuring an occupant  of the first of two vehicles involved. It was a really bad moment in history for my life.

My job and love life kinda went down hill. Both did not succeed well. I think this was the time that I stopped blogging and writing the stories. I was happy at one time but when so many things hit you at once it tends to wear on a person. My solution was to get back up and continue to hold my head high and make the  best of  what my current life held.

Obviously, I have reread some of my blog posts here and they are very informative. Maybe now I will continue to write here and share my "Everyday Things" with all of you.

Life is getting better and so am I.

Looking forward to reading comments

Ps Have a super day!Thanks for reading!