Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Time in Missouri

Hi Tina here,


A quick note before I run to the store to

 grab some stuff for supper. 


Corned Beef and hash with eggs and biscuits.


While summer has ended fall time is here

and it brings rich color with the bright oranges,

reds and yellows mixing with some of the greenery.


November 1st was the prettiest day of the year.

The colors were so vibrant and as you look across

the countryside it appeared to be like a blanket

 covering the pastures and bluffs.


Here is a picture of some of the color.


This is a down to earth back road picture.

 It is pleasant to look at.


 This is another one...


Montelle Vinyard


My favorite thing to do is drive. I love to travel. The U.S. has

so many great places to travel but I think that Missouri has many trees on the roads

that show off their beauty. Fall time is spectacular.


There is only one other place that has this kind of beauty but

it would take some time to get there. It is  the New England states.

Fall time represents the end of summer, cooler weather and eventually snow.


Fall time in Missouri is fantastic.



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