Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life is Getting Better!

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick post on the new up coming resolutions this year. Yes these are for myself and I am excited.
A few days ago I joined a fantastic group of people and they are in the health and wealth department or as one would say a business. 

I had been watching a particular friend of mine that was a co partner in another business with me. We just stayed together as friends on facebook. I had been watching her and this business work for her and as well seeing others success. So I will give it a try.

So starting on my new years resolution I wanted to lose a bit of weight. I think that is everyone's New Year's resolution. The holiday parties and all the dang turkey  and the sweets take a toll on the mid section. It was for me. Also, since I was in another business that I felt failed for me- I still wanted to earn an extra income.

For most people an extra income could mean the bills may be paid on  time for  that month and maybe a cushion for unexpected incidentals. For me I thought that I could be a millionaire in 5 minutes with the other business. However, that did not come about. How was I to make money and lose 30+ lbs and help other people  achieve the same thing?

I spoke to my friend that I had been watching and she gave me a link to her website. She posts success stories and fantastic recipes too. this really intrigued me because I love food. Who doesn't? But that is what got  me into trouble in the first place. I was eating the wrong kind of food.

 So I had to find a solution!
I decided to do what my friend was doing. Skinny Body Care...
I made my first sale yesterday and was wicked excited!!!!!

It has been a rush.
This is my notification
There will be more posts to follow. 
I am excited to be able to lose weight and help others wile making money! There are more bonuses than just $8.00. Much more  commissions. 
Take a test drive here! Start your free tour here!