Friday, April 26, 2013

Chicago Trip Was Fantastic

Chicago Trip Was Fantastic

I had a huge road trip to Chicago last weekend and it was filled with so much content
that I nearly couldn't remember it all. I did however, used my IPhone note pad
 and voice recorded  all that happened to  Chicago and on to Michigan.

The funny thing was that on the way there to Chicago (it takes roughly about 5 or so ours to drive there) on I-55 I was held up in traffic for  5 hours.

There was major flooding or the dam closest to Chicago was about to blow so the police rerouted the traffic through a small town. I found this out after 1/4 tank of gas and 3 + hours of waiting. I think I traveled 32 miles in 3+ hours.

There were also problems with flooding at the hotel I was at. the parking garage was flooded. Me being somewhat of a hick didn't know where to go when I got to the hotel. I pulled right up front to the doors and proceeded to go in.

The valet said I would need to go to the parking garage and catch a shuttle from there. What a trip that was. checked into the hotel and proceeded to the "Get Money" Event held at the Rosemont Theater. It was late and I wondered if I should just go to sleep or head over. I went over.

This is what I saw... The  "Get Money " Contest results were in and there were about 20 on stage that received rewards including first place Vick S. The stage is crowded now with several people. David Wood and David Sharpe,  wanted all those who were going "All IN"  or have gone "All IN"  in the last  90 days to come up on the stage and be recognized. The stage is full!!! This was only the beginning of the weekend events.  All day Saturday and  half a day on Sunday.
I would encourage you to look at your financial future for a minute. Chicago was only the start for me. What would you need in monetary funds to be FREE? No debt,  bring mom home from a job, live comfortably, or even go on vacation -not have to worry about paying the bills- because you got it covered.
Take a minute now and watch this video..Watch this Video. 1 minute of your time....